Real Estate App Development Company

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Real Estate App Development Services


Real estate has countless challenges that can be resolved with the right software or applications. At Appcul, a renowned real estate company, we specialize in building custom real estate app development solutions to simplify tasks for real estate agents, landholders, construction firms, compliance experts, and developers. Provide new value to tenants and advance the real estate sector with a digital solution perfectly aligned to your needs.

Real Estate App Development Company

Making the Most of Business Insights for Retail Success

By automating various procedures, forecasting trends, and making strategic decisions based on market analysis, we help our retail estate clients leverage data. By increasing efficiency and improving supply chain management, we assist our clients in making wiser decisions.

To better understand customer behavior and provide a more personalized real estate experience, we provide real estate app development solutions to enhance their business.

Real Development Solutions for Real Estate

With our real estate app development services, we have assisted hundreds of clients worldwide in setting new benchmarks in the real estate industry over our more than 12 years in business.

Real Estate App Development

Our real estate mobile app developers provide next-gen real estate apps that make the real estate business partially autonomous. Its features, like 3-D virtual property tours, real pictures and videos, geolocations, etc., help you convert leads with little effort.

Real Estate Mobile App Development

Utilizing the simplicity of real estate mobile application to help your customers. We create and design custom real estate mobile apps for agencies, realtors, and businesses with powerful big data management, Power BI analytics, and AI-powered data insights for the highest business growth.

Real Estate CRM, CMS, and ERP Solutions

We create unique real estate CRM and CMS developments with cutting-edge customer data management for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established ones. Our ERP solutions include advanced analytics, including big data integration, Power BI, and AI-powered business insights.

Rental Management Services

You can now manage your rental information, legal contracts, rent renewal information, and more in one location. You may effectively monitor and access tenant rental data with the help of our cutting-edge real estate app development solution for tenant management from any location and on any platform.

Development of Property Management Systems

We work with you to create custom real estate app development software solutions from scratch. Thanks to this software solution, you have total control over your real estate information on your internet portals. Additionally, it provides remote shared workflow features and cloud-based interoperability.

Development of a Real Estate Auction Portal

We are a renowned real estate mobile app development company that helps you create effective real estate mobile auction applications. We guarantee to provide you with an unsurpassed online auction and bidding site with sophisticated search and sorting options, simple payment processes, and an interactive user experience.

Benefits of Real Estate App Development

Realtors are looking for real estate app development services to build user-friendly and bug-free real estate apps, considering the potential of a real estate app development solution in the real estate business. They wish to provide real estate buyers with a powerful platform that makes looking for and connecting with their ideal location simple. Additionally, as the number of smartphone users increases significantly, the demand for sophisticated applications increases. Real estate agents can increase their earnings with the help of contemporary applications driven by cutting-edge technology like AI/ML, AR/VR, and IoT. In addition to generating revenue, having high-performing and scalable real estate applications has a lot of other advantages.

  • Help connect and communicate directly with potential customers.
  • Improve sales and customer retention rates by directly reaching potential customers with accurate data.
  • Gain more prospective customers.
  • Earning model based on commission.
  • Why Should You Use Us To Develop Your Real Estate Application?

    Real estate agents, brokers, and realtors can benefit from the innovative, attractive, and user-friendly real estate application development services provided by Appcul, a renowned real estate app development Company in Gurgaon. Here are some compelling arguments for choosing us as your real estate app developers:

    Excellent Designs

    Our staff of real estate mobile app development experts is very knowledgeable, has many years of experience, and has successfully developed a lot of beautiful real estate app designs for clients worldwide. Please see our portfolio for reviews of the clients we have worked with.

    Affordable Price

    Pricing plays an essential role in whether or not companies decide to build real estate websites. At Appcul,a renowned Real Estate App Development Company in Delhi ,we offer clients affordable real estate app development services of the highest caliber.

    Customized Solutions

    Every business has unique needs, so they need a real estate mobile app development provider to accommodate them. Our team of real estate app developers tries to comprehend your wants and offer a special real estate app development solution that will satisfy them.

    Integrated Services

    When you work with us, we'll help you get the greatest real estate app development solution and additional services like lead generation, branding, social media marketing, SEO , and web hosting.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    We assign each of our client's professional real estate app developers, who keep them updated on all developments in their real estate application development creation. Additionally, we are accessible around the clock via phone, email, Skype, and other forms of communication. Get in touch with us at any time.


    Our team develops top-notch, mobile-compatible, user-friendly real estate mobile app development as the leading real estate mobile app development company for various real estate businesses. We can create real estate apps to increase traffic to your online store.


    Yes, we have been creating real estate app development solutions for various clients for a long time. You can look at our case studies for our CRM for real estate agencies or our real estate marketplace.

    In fact, yes. We will assign you a project manager who will write a daily report on the status of your real estate application development project. Additionally, you can email or use Skype to communicate with the staff whenever you like.

    The amount of time needed to do a project will vary depending on the project. The estimated development time for a real estate application development depends on various elements, including business requirements, features, functionality, page count, and more. However, our real estate app developers put in a lot of effort to finish a unique, feature-rich website in the allotted amount of time.

    The top features to incorporate during real estate app development include:

  • Sign up or register.
  • Filter and Search
  • Listings with photos
  • Maps
  • Calendar
  • Messaging
  • Push notification
  • Local information
  • Payments
  • Text
  • The intricacy and number of pages you wish to include in your real estate application are two elements that affect the price of developing a real estate application. It may cost roughly $50,000 to construct a real estate application with a custom app, intricate features, and a distinctive layout. However, a straightforward real estate application creation project costs between $23,000 and $25,000.